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DB Schenker Rail

With around 4,200 customer sidings in Europe, DB Schenker Rail provides its customers with access to one of the biggest rail networks in the world and as such is the number one in European rail freight transport. The international network stretches along the huge European freight transport corridor. This means that rail transport is offered across Europe in the product areas of block trains, single wagons and combined transport. Individual industry solutions are also developed, for instance for the chemical, petroleum, waste disposal, paper, and iron, coal and steel (montan) industries, as well as for the automotive industries.

For details on the business model of DB Schenker Rail, please refer to the Integrated Report 2014 of the DB Group.

​We are constantly expanding the closely-knit international network with subsidiaries in 15 European countries and making DB Schenker Rail the leading company in European rail freight transport.

Economic dimension: The comprehensive new direction for the business model aimed at significant improvements in profitability and quality remains in place at DB Schenker Rail. In addition to the “network rail” which has been in implementation since 2012 and is making the production system more stable and efficient and will also combine flows of traffic more effectively, there are also plans to harmonize IT and standardize the process landscape for the European companies. Projects aimed at increasing reliability, punctuality as well as customer information and services were launched for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction. We want to strengthen our position as a profitable market leader with a strong European network. Increasing profitability is required in order to be able to invest more in the future. Intelligent pricing, more flexibility of costs, and ongoing productivity increases in all processes are crucial.

Social dimension: In the year 2020, we want to be a top employer in rail freight transport with a common European corporate culture. Employee satisfaction should be increased measurably. In addition to the follow-up workshops to the first employee survey, we have also, among other things, initiated the “Step by Step” initiative for this. We want to expand our network with a strong international team, and have launched various programs for this purpose. A large number of measures have been implemented in the health management area and regional working time models have been developed further in order to increase demographic preparedness.

Environmental dimension: We want to reinforce rail freight transport as being an environmentally friendly means of transport. We are developing sustainable transport solutions and modernizing our fleet for this purpose. By 2020, we aim to have fitted our entire German fleet of cars with noise-reducing brake shoes. At the same time, we are committed to climate protection and air quality control. By 2020, we want to have reduced our specific energy consumption by 19% compared with 2006. New shunting locomotives are fitted with soot particle filters and we are also urging the use of hybrid technology. We are also reinforcing our position as an eco-pioneer through new CO₂-free offers.

Selected key figures
Punctuality 1) (%)686769.9
Freight carried (million t)329.1390.1398.7
Volume sold (million tkm)102,871104,259105,894
Market share in Europe (%)24.325.125.4
Volume produced (million train-path km)193.2196203.1
Capacity utilization (t per train)532.5531.9521.4
Total revenues (€ million)4,8634,8434,926
External revenues (€ million)4,5174,4954,597
EBITDA adjusted (€ million)343352389
EBIT adjusted (€ million)465787
EBIT margin adjusted (%)
Gross capital expenditures (€ million)195182371
Employees as of Dec 31 (FTE)30,84230,92531,770
Employee satisfaction – index3.5-3.4
Share of women in Germany as of Dec 31 (%)
Health rate in Germany (%)93.393.393.4
Coverage of external staffing needs in Germany (%)98.698.898.7
Reduction of specific end-energy consumption compared to 2006 (%)16.814.313
Freight cars refitted with whisper brakes in total 2)6,500650150

1) Change in method from 2013 onwards. 
2) Rounded.

Last modified: 05.05.2015

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