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DB Long-Distance offers customers comfortable and environmentally friendly travel within Germany and into neighboring countries. Daily travel with the ICE/IC/EC fleet forms the backbone of long-distance transport. Offerings are being supplemented by island services to Sylt and Wangerooge. Long-distance bus services (IC Bus) provides an extension to the rail transport offering for domestic and international travel.

For details on the business model of DB Long-Distance, please refer to the Integrated Report 2016 of the DB Group.

Ecomomic dimension: DB Long-Distance is pursuing the target of offering its customers high-quality products and thereby achieving profitable growth. By 2020, we want to offer the most recognized and trusted product, both in terms of travel times and service. This is why we are implementing Railway of the Future  . Our aim is to significantly and sustainably enhance quality. For ex­­ample RESET, a program involving the thorough overhaul of all ICE and IC trains, while PlanStart improved punctuality Α considerably. If disruptions do occur, however, our employees take excellent care of our passengers and, together with our digital platforms, pro­­vide an optimal flow of information and alternative so­­lutions to bring passengers to their destination. New vehicles make an important contribution to improving reli­­ability. At the same time, the modernization of our fleet creates the conditions for operational reliability and a high degree of traveling comfort. Particularly noteworthy is the new ICE 4, by far the largest capital expenditure of recent years. Free WiFi on ICE trains, together with the extended ICE portal, also enhances the positive travel experience and helps to convince long distance customers that this is the most relaxing way to travel. Digital innovations make it even easier to use our services and enable us to prepare for the increasing competition.

Social dimension: In order to keep our promises to our customers, we expect our employees to have a strong focus on customers and quality. One prerequisite for this is a solid cooperative spirit that can bring employees to­­gether and allow them to participate. This is why we are constantly working on improving our employee satisfaction, for example by including our employees in the plan­n­­ing of specific working conditions, which also increases our employer attractiveness.

Environmental dimension: DB Long-Distance has set a target of being considered by its customers as the most environmentally friendly provider by 2020. A central ele­­ment in this regard are green offers with 100% eco-power. Currently, about 75% of traction current is drawn from re­­newable energy sources. New vehicles support our efforts to achieve this target. For example, the ICE 4 [page 34 f.] uses around 22% less energy per seat compared to the comparable ICE 1 model. In addition, by encouraging shifts in modes of transport, the new service campaign will enable up to 1.7 million tons of CO₂ emissions to be saved annually by 2030.