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The European Works Council of Deutsche Bahn AG strongly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine

This war is a barbaric act against a sovereign state, against its citizens and, not least, against peaceful, democratic coexistence in Europe and the world.

The attack must be stopped immediately and further human suffering prevented.

As employee representatives, we want to join the world in expressing our solidarity with the people affected by the war.

For them, war means the loss of family members, the destruction of property and, all too often, being forced to flee from their homes without knowing when they will be able to return.

We demand for an end to the war as soon as possible and the provision of safe refuge and other necessary assistance to the Ukrainian refugees.

We welcome the fact that Deutsche Bahn is providing free travel to refugees in Germany and operating special trains.

We call on the DB Group to ensure that refugees can also travel free of charge on services run by the DB Group's local transport companies in other European countries.

We call on the DB Group to support DB Group employees and their family members from Ukraine or Russia by helping them to leave these countries if they wish to do so.

We call on the DB Group to unbureaucratically grant special leave to employees who come from Ukraine and still have relatives there so that they can support their family.

We call on the DB Group to review its procurement of vehicles and components from Russia and to avoid dependence on Russia as far as possible.

Together, we all want to stand up for what is right. As a multicultural DB family, we are committed to the cohesion and solidarity of all our workforce.