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EWC corroborates its demands

At its meeting in Vienna on 4 September 2014, the EWC once again stressed its demand that minimum social standards finally have to be agreed with Central Management for the accounting employees who will be affected by the Europe-wide relocation process.

The demands put forward by the DB AG EWC are in response to the Group Management Board’s decision to establish a Shared Service Centre (which will concentrate Europe-wide accounting activities) in Romania, although the DB AG EWC rejects the concentration and relocation of Europe-wide accounting to Romania. Accordingly, the DB AG EWC has demanded from the very start that Central Management agree to minimum social standards as protection and compensation for the affected employees throughout Europe, to which the employees would then be entitled. Several tough negotiation sessions on this matter have taken place with Central Management representatives since May of this year.

Central Management has assured DB AG EWC that such a minimum standard can be negotiated swiftly, before the measures are implemented in the individual countries. The DB AG EWC expects these minimum standards to contain detailed and individual provisions on items such as substitute jobs, qualifications, early retirement and even financial compensation. The relocation must not be achieved at the sole expense of the affected colleagues.