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Departure of EWC Chairman

After almost six years as Chairman of the European Works Council, Günter Kirchheim resigns from office, as he goes into retirement.

After bringing the negotiations for a new EWC agreement between the EWC, central management and the former ARRIVA EWC – his last major task as EWC Chairman – to a successful conclusion, Günter Kirchheim announced to the members of the EWC at their meeting on 20-22 March that he would be retiring in June.

Günter Kirchheim has been the Chairman of the European Works Council since it was established in July 2005.

He was given an official send-off during the EWC meeting by his two deputies, Fred van Oort und Klaus Vögele. Günter Kirchheim expressed his thanks for the excellent cooperation and said that he could look back on an interesting time in which the European Works Council had developed into an effective body.

Michael Bartl, Head of the EWC Secretariat, presented the departing Chairman with a desert travel guide on behalf of the EWC, adding that was not sending Günter Kirchheim packing, and thanked him for the good working relationship they had enjoyed over the last six years.