Article: Tests that reflect real life

The best test is one that's as realistic as possible. For this reason, we interact directly with our passengers so that we can design and assess new service offerings. The site of this interaction is as lifelike as can be: a full-size model of a double-decker coach that lets us test all the train's fittings and features and compare them against our passengers' expectations. 

Be it work, sport, relaxation, gaming, shopping or playing, we want to cover a wide array of activities because, this way, we can really deliver what rail users want. The Ideas Train gives us ample room to experiment and take the public's wishes into account when creating the trains of the future. 


Public Viewing

Always and everywhere well informed: The Ideas Train has a section with a large screen for sports or news broadcasts. This keeps you up to date with news, documentaries and sports even while you're on the move. For a comfortable stay, we have integrated standing supports with a table and additional standing supports on the opposite side.


Exercise bikes and workout booths

Not interested in working or relaxing? Passengers on the Ideas Train can make active use of their time – in the most literal sense. The on-board gym features bookable workout booths with exercise bikes and a digital fitness trainer that gives people tips for creating a workout programme that's right for them.  


Snacks and drinks

Hunger can always strike during a journey. Passengers who fancy a little something can go to the vending machine for snacks and baked goods. Coffee and soft drinks are available too, and there's even a beer tap. Once they have their snacks, they can take a seat on one of the bar stools. The augmented reality windowpane is a real eye-opener and introduces a whole new way of looking at the world. 


Short trips, great value

For people only travelling one or two stops, there's often no point looking to sit down. A low-fuss, low-cost option would be ideal in this situation. The Ideas Train features just the thing: a budget travel area with vertical seats that passengers can use and still enjoy an appropriate level of comfort. Innovative cup holders mean they can check their phones or read, while screens at head height provide information and entertainment until they reach their destination.  


Travel for the whole family

There's space for everyone: the new 3-seater benches arranged on either side of a table have all the room that a family or group needs. Nobody will ever have to sit on their own again. And if another person joins your group, they can take a seat on a bench next to the window. Ample space for storing luggage is available above the seats. There is a dedicated module for families with small children, which has a play area and space for parking buggies and prams. 


Premium - Mobile Office

Train journeys are ideal for working. All you need is a laptop or tablet workstation with a functional design that delivers comfort and convenience – which we provide. The semi-surrounding shape of the backrests' upper section and a glass partition between seats absorb ambient noise. Separate one-person booths can be booked if anyone wants maximum privacy and greater comfort. They feature smart glass that can be turned opaque at the touch of a button. Other highlights are the screens that can be synched with laptops or tablets, a phone booth with seat, and the service provided by on-board staff. 


Peace and quiet

Whether passengers just want a moment to themselves or are looking for more profound relaxation, our rotating noise-cancelling seats block out sounds, while larger windows open up a panoramic vista and green partition walls seclude users from their surroundings. Special folding benches with backrests that you can reposition as you want – in the direction of travel or facing the person opposite – give travellers complete freedom to use the seats as they need. There are also reclining pods for anyone who needs a power nap. Sound-absorbing materials ensure passengers enjoy maximum relaxation. 


Lounge and conversation - Space to entertain

Groups of friends travelling together have all the room they need in the lounge. Our new lounge benches are designed to let people sit back and spend time with one another. The Coffee-Cube has a range of speciality coffees for everyone. Anyone who wants some time to themselves can enjoy at-seat entertainment and information available on their personal screen. Maximum comfort comes courtesy of special mesh seat covers that mould themselves to the body. 


Games and Shopping

The last word in mobile entertainment: gamers can pursue their favourite pastime during train journeys too. New gaming releases let people play singly or against other passengers as they battle it out to win nail-biting contests or embark on an on-screen adventure. Travellers who'd prefer to do some shopping have a virtual supermarket at their disposal on the video wall. They can order its countless products for delivery to their address or to a collection point at the station.