About us

Many years of expertise

DB RegioTec, a part of DB Regio AG, develops and manufactures special facilities to safeguard the availability of trains and transport infrastructure. Founded in the 1980s as Sonderger├Ątewerkstatt (SGW) Stuttgart (Stuttgart special equipment workshop), we have built up strong expertise. Even after changing our name to DB RegioTec in 2017, we have continued to place high quality requirements on our products and services. Besides Deutsche Bahn, we also make our solutions available to many other transport companies in Germany and abroad.

In addition to developing and constructing customer-specific systems and special-purpose modules, DB RegioTec offers a complete, single-source service:

  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Periodic inspections

Highly professional, fast and flexible

Solutions - Maintenance - Service

Solutions means that DB RegioTec manufactures modules for electric vehicles, for instance for disposing of wastewater in train toilets, supplying fresh water or filling sandboxes of locomotives, driving trailers and electric railcars. In addition, we manufacture further special-purpose modules to meet individual customer requirements.

Besides our mobile systems, we also develop and manufacture stationary fresh water supply and wastewater disposal facilities. For every requirement we receive, we work in close consultation with our customers to develop the right solution.

Maintenance and service means that we supplement our products by a comprehensive range of services. For example, in addition to our own mobile and stationary fresh water supply and wastewater disposal facilities, we also service and repair the facilities of other manufacturers. In addition, we perform servicing, inspection and maintenance on various types of industrial trucks. Our portfolio also includes VDE inspections on small electrical appliances in accordance with DIN VDE 0701/0702. Furthermore, we carry out periodic inspections on lifting jacks and lifting platforms as well as on fire doors and heavy-duty shelving. These and many other services can be arranged for you on request.