ESF - a rail-borne wastewater disposal vehicle

Article: ESF - a rail-borne wastewater disposal vehicle

XXL rail-borne wastewater disposal system

Our rail-borne wastewater disposal vehicle is used to empty high volumes of wastewater from toilets and eliminates the need for shunting and the high extra costs involved in constructing stationary wastewater disposal facilities.

The disposal unit is placed on a flat carrier wagon. It contains a tank container, in which the wastewater is stored, as well as an equipment container. Wastewater disposal and vehicle tank emptying are at eye level from the ground.

  • Tank size up to 26,000 l
  • Suction power 2 l/s
  • Independent power supply from diesel generator
  • Can be operated easily from both sides
  • Operation at eye level from the ground
  • Electric hose reels
  • Work lights
  • Flow rate measurement
  • Automatic tank level monitoring
  • Frost protection monitor and heater
  • Pending patent application
  • VSF - Rail-borne fresh water supply vehicle suitable to fill up rail vehicles 

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