Other services

Article: Other services

We offer a broad service portfolio – see for yourself

We offer a broad range of services to help ensure compliance with legally binding standards as well as with de facto standards. In addition to industrial services such as VDE inspections of electrical appliances and systems, maintenance and repair, inspection and servicing of industrial trucks and disinfection of drinking water filling systems, we currently also offer the following:

  • Periodic inspection of fire doors in accordance with DIN 14677 as per manufacturer's specifications
  • Inspection of heavy-duty shelving in accordance with DIN EN 15635 – expert inspection
  • Inspection of lifting platforms and lifting jacks in accordance with DGUV rule 100–500 and DGUV provision 308–002
  • Periodic inspection of lifting accessories, cranes and lifting gear in accordance with DGUV principle 309–001
  • Periodic inspection of gas welding equipment in accordance with DGUV provision 1
  • Periodic inspection of power-operated doors in accordance with German workplace rule (Arbeitsstättenrichtlinie, "ASR") A 1.7 as well as EN 12445 and EN 12453
  • Periodic inspection of steps and ladders in accordance with DGUV information 208–016
  • Securing persons in the track area in accordance with DGUV provision 78 section 6

We will continue to expand this portfolio with training and by always remaining willing to learn.

Please let us know what your requirements and wishes are. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions.